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Im a t-shirt and jeans kinda girl.  I love my family, pets, hot tea, fruit smoothies, and time with Jesus.  Fall is my favorite time of year, sitting around our fire pit in the evenings with family and friends will always warm my heart.  I love watching sunsets, it puts me in my happy place; add a beach, even better!  I love collecting shells while walking barefoot in the sand, something about it is soothing to the soul.  I am a proud mommy of 5 children, 3 of them are adults and are now living together outside of our home.  I've been married to my hubby Eric for 25 years, we've been through so much together, as you can imagine.

Photography has been a passion of mine, believe it or not, for more than 3 decades.  I started shooting on an old 110 camera (which I still have by the way), and believe me, I shot everything that came across my path.  My poor little brother was my model, and yes, he had to walk the homemade runway in our childhood home.  Like walking the beach & collecting shells, photography also warms my heart and brings a sort of calming to my soul.  What I see with my eye is something only I can see, it is seen in a way nobody else sees it.  I enjoy the art of capturing that moment and treasuring it for a lifetime!  I feel blessed God has gifted me with a passion for photography, because He has also wired me up to treasure memories deeply, and what better way than to capture them FOREVER!


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Seniors LOVE having a good time, making friends, and simply being themselves! That's why I love photographing them, capturing who they really are.
Plan to bring your favorite outfits, pick your favorite location, and have a lot of fun!  

Prices starting at $150

Contact me for details & pricing!

Fine Art Prints, Albums Gifts, and 
Digital Images available


Family is very important to me, it's why our family is so big!  Capturing memories is just as valuable.  I realize that every moment is life is precious, and each person is unique and always changing.  Leaving these moments for generations to come allows them a window into the souls of those who've gone before them.  The treasure of family cannot be replaced, or can photographs that were never taken.  Contact me to capture your families memories!

I always recommend large canvases for families. You could say I'm a canvas addict!







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